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  • Introduction


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    Brain-Based Social Cognition Laboratory (BBSCL) is a multidisciplinary research lab in the Institute of Behavioral Science in Medicine, Yonsei University College of Medicine, and was founded in 2003 with Prof. Jae-Jim Kim as Director. We focus on discovering the mysteries of the human mind using virtual reality (VR) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).


    As a multidisciplinary lab, we are motivated by pressing social issues and human behavior. More than ever, we live in a society where hostility and negativity are pervasive. We study how positive and negative ruminations not only alter heart rate variability but also the brain states. The BBSCL also studies family relationships – specifically, the effects of relationships with parents or with a spouse on the brain. By integrating longitudinal behavior and neuroimaging data, our long-term goal is to develop biomarkers of interpersonal relationships in order to promote healthy family processes.


    Research in the BBSCL also studies the psychopathology of psychotic disorders (schizophrenia and delirium) and anxiety disorders (panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorders). Patients with these disorders often suffer from social impairments and emotional problems that negatively impact the quality of life. We take a systematic approach to evaluate the symptoms, identify the underlying brain abnormalities, and develop personalized treatment programs.



    Development of evaluation and training tools using VR:

    We have developed and implemented VR programs for a more accurate assessment of each disorder. Our programs evaluate the severity of symptoms, such as social skills and anger management skills for IGD, and hallucination and delusion for schizophrenia. The BBSC Lab also boasts VR programs for evaluating anxiety disorders. In addition, we currently offer several state-of-the-art VR treatment programs tailored for each of the disorders. Programs for social anxiety disorder and acrophobia, in particular, are mobile-based applications to increase availability. In conjunction with VR programs, we have also implemented chatbot technology and VR self-training for patients with panic disorder to provide additional support.



    Identification of brain abnormalities using fMRI:

    Our researchers seek to investigate the underlying neural bases of cognitive functions that could lead to social and cognitive impairment. We use statistical, computational, and machine learning methods to analyze both task-based activational as well as functional connectivity studies. Our ultimate goal is to map the intricate interactions among brain networks.


  • Director


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    Jae-Jin Kim, MD, Ph.D


    Professor of Psychiatry

    Gangnam Severance Hospital

    Department of Psychiatry, Yonsei University College of Medicine


    Address: Department of Psychiatry Gangnam Severance Hospital, 211 Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 135-720

    Tel: 82-2-2019-3341

    Fax: 82-2-3462-4304

    E-mail: jaejkim@yonsei.ac.kr




    ■ Educational Background

    • 2002.2 Ph.D.: Seoul National University Graduate School, Seoul, Korea
    • 1990.2 M.S.: Seoul National University Graduate School, Seoul, Korea
    • 1991.2 Residency: Department of Psychiatry, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea
    • 1987.2 MD: Seoul National University Medical College, Seoul, Korea


    ■ Research Experience

    • 1997-1999 Visiting Research Scholar: Mental Health Clinical Research Center, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, IA. USA
    • 2000-2002 Research professor: Department of Nuclear Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea


    ■ Major Concerns

    • Neuroimaging
    • Virtual Reality
    • Digital Therapeutics
    • Social Neuroscience
    • Schizophrenia and delirium
    • Social Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder


    Professional Society

    • Korean Neuropsychiatry Association
    • Korean Organization for Human Brain Mapping
    • Korean Society for Schizophrenia Research
    • The Organization for Human Brain Mapping
    • Schizophrenia International Research Society
    • National Academy of Medicine of Korea
    • Korean Society for Digital Therapy


    Recent Research Projects

    • Investigation of the pathophysiology of social dysfunctions in schizophrenia and social anxiety disorder using the functional neuroimaging techniques
    • Development and application of tools for measuring human emotional response, social behavior and deficits in social cognition using 3D virtual reality and functional neuroimaging
    • Clinical neuroimaging study for exploring brain functional/structural markers and developing diagnostic techniques of schizophrenia and social anxiety disorder
    • Development of virtual reality self-training tools for social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and internet gaming disorder
    • Development of digital therapeutics for reduction of anxiety using the smartphone apps, chatbot, and virtual reality
    • Investigation of the pathophysiology of social anxiety disorder using the extended phenotypes including the digital phenotype


    • Abbott Award - Korean Society of Nuclear Medicine (Nov 16. 2002.)
    • Dr. Paul Jansen Schizophrenia Research Award - Korean NeuroPsychiatric Association (Oct 23. 2003.
    • Joong-Ang Psychiatry Paper Award - Korean NeuroPsychiatric Association (Oct 21. 2005.)
    • Hwan-In Research Award - Korean NeuroPsychiatric Association (Oct 18, 2007)
    • Faculty Teaching Award - Yonsei University College of Medicine (Oct 7, 2010)
    • Siemens Human Brain Mapping Awards - Korean Society for Human Brain Mapping (Nov 2, 2012)
    • Baekhap Award(백합학술상) - Korean Neuro Psychiatric Association (Apr 11, 2013)
    • Faculty Teaching Award - Yonsei University College of Medicine (Oct 21, 2013)
    • Faculty Research Award - Yonsei University College of Medicine (Nov 26, 2015)


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    전지원 (신경과학)

    정영철 (정신의학)

    정영훈 (신경과학)

    정효석 (정신의학)

    조상우 (의공학)

    최수희 (정신의학)

    최승진 (정신의학)

    최원정 (정신의학)

    최유경 (사회복지학)

    한기완 (의공학)

    함경희 (임상심리학)

    허진국 (정신의학)

    홍연주 (인지과학)